Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

I am all about eating healthy and I am all about eating healthy EASILY. If it is too much work and I am not in the mood, I will chose unhealthy snacks/meals over the healthy ones. And that is not the right move! I am currently trying to eliminate dairy completely from my diet, which is horrible considering pizza is a main food group in my book. My go-to breakfast and snack currently is overnight oats! They are healthy, filling, and EASY. I have many different recipes that I rotate but the one I have chosen to showcase today is an apply cinnamon situation.

Early morning meeting?  Needing a quick meal before pilates? This is the perfect option.
It is easy to make multiple different recipes the night before and have your choice of flavor waiting for you the next day.

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Pastel Maxi in Athens


Soooooo it turns out that running a blog while having a full-time job AND packing up your childhood house to move across the country is not the easiest task. I have so many wonderful ideas and outfits, but making everything happen is just a whole heck of a lot. There will be much  more excitement to come as I begin to finish up deciding what memories to keep and begin traveling across the country, making many stops along the way!

Recapping on my wonderful trip to Athens with my bestie in this perfectly colored maxi! We took a day trip to my perfect college town and hit all of my favorite boutiques, ate yummy food, and got to see some friends that I haven’t seen since I graduated. It was a super fun, relaxing, and productive day.

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An Introduction to the Frenzy

IMG_0034 IMG_0039Hi blogger beauties!

As this is my first post, I’m sure there is something that I will forget to add or mess up or not proof read, but hey, practice makes perfect and they didn’t make the editing tool for nothing.

I’m gonna go ahead and throw it out there that this blog as been a L O N G time coming and absolutely a work in progress. I think as far as internet presence goes, first impressions and appearances are possibly two of the most important characteristics of a blog aka the two most terrifying characteristics for a perfectionist like myself. But the “what if’s” and the longing for a creative outlet that could encompass all the thoughts that run sprint through my mind at 100 MPH took over the need for perfection and here we are, at Forge A Frenzy.

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