Look chic for your Valentine or Galentine

Heeeeeey babes!

I’m sitting in my bed with a candle from Anthro burning on my night stand (probably this one) and sipping on some wine after a workout and dinner with my bf. Life is goooood, y’all.

I’ve got a cute vday outfit for you gals. Chic, slightly colorful ( I know, outside of my vocabulary ) and comfy. It doesn’t fall in line with the cutesy red dresses that everyone is posting right now, not that I have anything against the flirty, fun, red minidresses. This is just my twist on how to be chic and cute for loves favorite holiday.

I have another look coming next week that is more edgy/sexy for Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to share this one first!


This look has all of the components that I love about an outfit. A statement shoe, comfy jeans, a neutral sweater, and a bold accessory piece ( scarf in this case ). It’s all about balancing your colors/textures/neutrals. If you wanted to go a different direction with this look, you could do a statement necklace with a bold bag on your side.

There are a few pieces of this outfit that I want to highlight including this sweater. It has bell sleeves and is sooooo comfy and soft. It’s also the perfect gray sweater to dress up or down. I’ve worn it a million times since I got it!! I’m linking it here for all of your purchasing enjoyment.

These earrings pictures below are also my absolute GO – TO  gold hoop earrings. I wear them almost every day. They make me feel chic and put together and they add a finishing touch to my look. I feel like I love pieces that are the “finishing touch”… probably because I mostly just wear black all day, every day! Click here to add these babies to your every day arsenal.

I shot with a photographer in ATL named Taylor who totally rocks! If you guys have any photog needs, hit her up. I’ll link her website here.

What are y’alls plans for Valentine’s Day?? Galentine’s Day?? I personally think you should make the person that you love feel special on every day of the year, but Valentine’s Day is a fun excuse to get dressed up and give some extra special love and attention to your special someone. And eat lots of yummy chocolate!!

I have some new partnerships and collaborations coming up and I am SO excited to share them with you all! I also have an exciting giveaway happening soon with one of my new fave ATL bloggers. I am thrillllled for everything that is coming up in these next few weeks.

My socials are always exciting and happening so follow along with me @MadisonCrowley.

‘Til next time,Autumn in November

Skirting Around The Topic | Mini Skirts + Graphic Tees


Welcome back to Forge A Frenzy!

It has been so long since I have been able to actually post a fun look on the blog! I have been extremely busy, as I’m sure you all are, and shooting a look has, unfortunately, been at the bottom of the to-do list. Which SUCKS because it’s one of my favorite parts of the blog. I feel like life definitely goes in phases of being super busy and then having tons of down time… I am obviously currently in the first category. But, to be honest, it feels really good to work your butt off and see results. Whether that means my blog or my health. Results and success are so motivating.

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I’m Back, Y’all.

HI! Happy Monday and welcome back to Forge A Frenzy!

It has been two long weeks since I have last posted and wowza, life has been crazy. I took an unintentional hiatus from Forge A Frenzy over the last two weeks due to two life events: Moving from Newport Beach to Huntington Beach, and a much needed trip to Atlanta to see my dearly missed friends.

All of that being said, life is finally settling back down to normalcy. I am figuring out my new commute to work, unpacking tons of boxes, and scouring Pinterest for room inspiration ideas. And I got a pedicure. Pedicures always put life back on track.

I have two fun looks coming up on Forge A Frenzy, this one and another that will be posted shortly, but after that there are going to be some home/interior posts coming because that is where my hard earned money is going towards these next few weeks. I have slowly but surely been redoing the furnishings in my room and I have some cute DIY’s (that don’t look like DIY’s) that I am going to be tackling. The rest is a mix and match of HomeGoods finds and Target scores. I like to get the best bang for my buck and those two places have really been helping me out.

On top of that, I have tons of new places to add to my Atlanta food + drink guide that I will be summing up in a post as well as adding to my Atlanta Travel Guide page. Such exciting stuff!!!

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A Summer Sun-dress

Welcome back lovelies!

Monday’s are always a little rough to start off, which is why I like to start my day off with some tea (Rishi is my current fave) and some Jesus. Pretty much how I like to start off most days, but it makes Monday’s a little bit better.

This past weekend I was able to take a quick break from work + social media and it was immensely refreshing. I am going to do a little recap of my weekend in the mountains later this week! I also have lots of fun ideas for content (like a ‘product of the week’ concept) and new collabs + products to share with you guys that I am super excited about. So staaaaaay tuned.

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Jasper Plum Beach Day + Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday frenzies!

This past weekend was definitely one for the books. It was jam-packed with exploration and making memories. So cheesy. So true.

Today I am going to recap our fun weekend (scroll to the bottom of this post for tons of weekend photos) and also highlight this dreamy little beach dress from Jasper Plum.

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White Dresses I Am Loving For Summer

Hi lovelies!

With Memorial Day now behind us, summer feels so close!! I feel like after Memorial Day, pools are open (at least in the South) and school is out and that really cues the start of summer! For those of you who are wondering, the first official day of summer is June 20th, but I am all about starting summer celebrations early.

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A very real post about my life currently.

Hi lovelies. Welcome to Forge A Frenzy.

I’ve had a million different things on my mind for this post. I wanted it to be personal. I wanted it to be an update on life. I wanted to move past just chatting about my outfit, move past SEO terms and audience centered content. I wanted to be vulnerable. I wanted to be open. But that didn’t really help me narrow it down. So I will be going a little bit deeper here. If you are up for the challenge of connecting the dots throughout this post, maybe there will be something that catches your attention.

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Hi everyone and welcome back to Forge A Frenzy!

I talk a lot about my blogging journey, where I began (see my first post here) (lol) and where I am hopefully headed. Along the way, there have been and will continue to be many things that I try that lead to success and that also lead to failure.

If you search ‘how to be a successful blogger’ on Google, these things will probably pop up:
– Email lists
– Sponsored posts
– Pinterest
– Facebook Groups
– Google AdWords
– Sell your soul

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Graphic Tee’s + Espadrilles: How To Make It Work

Happy Tuesday frenzies!!

Last week was a weiirrrrddddd week for me. Going through some kind of blogger rut and it was NOT FUN. But the good thing is that this week I have a fun look for you and have lots of content in the works (like my fave spring/summer beauty products).

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