Everything You Need To Know About The Bachelor Casting Calls ( & More!! )

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So, today I went out on a limb and decided to go to the Bachelor casting call that was happening a few miles from my house. I had a lot of expectations of what the day would look like and some were super accurate and others were definitely not. I hope you enjoy this recap of my experience with the Bachelor!

I almost didn’t go through with this experience because I truly had no idea what to wear. Professional? Casual? Boho? Fancy? How do I stand out and make an impression but also stay true to myself…? All of these things were going through my head and so I settled on my favorite pair of Joe’s skinny jeans with a sexy-ish open + flowy top with one of my favorite dainty gold lariat necklaces and paired it with one of my go-to pairs of shoes – nude peep toes with a block heel. I felt like myself and I liked it.

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Long Distance Relationships: BFF Edition

Welcome back and Happy Valentines Day (or Galentines Day in my case)!! I am here to chat about gal-pals and their importance as well as open up about how long distance relationships with your bffs are incredibly hard, but incredibly worth it.

** very important PS at the bottom of this post **

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Adulting: The latest craze to hit the millennial generation.


The latest craze to hit the millennial generation.

Alright people, we’re about to get a little bit more serious here on Forge A Frenzy. While the majority of my brain is creativity and visuals and ideas, right now I’m going to take a second to break down a certain category inside my brain called adult life.

As a recent grad, the adult life (“big girl job”, buying a car, renting an apartment, paying more bills, etc. as the more boring definition) had been staring me in the face for months. I was excited to finally be done with all nighters at the SLC and dragging myself out of bed to attend 9 AM’s that I could have passed from the comfort of my own bed with laptop in hand. Friends were attending job interviews, getting offers, moving to cities, getting engaged, making all kinds of big plans, and so was I!

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