Hiiii and welcome to Vogue and a Latte!

My name is Madison and I am the editor / creative director / working gal who runs the show over here at V&L.

I am a combination of Los Angeles native and Atlanta grown, currently residing in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia. I am a UGA alum ( go dawgs ) and have a full – time position in Marketing at a tech startup based out of Midtown.

Making my way through my early 20’s as a blogger and trying to thrive as someone who loves style, photos, & food lends itself to content based around:

+ My eye for style

+ Adulting tales + tips

+ Travel guides that highlight my favorite cities

+ Foods for dieting and foods for not

+ Photographing people & things

+ Products I adore


A little bit about Vogue and a Latte:
Formerly Forge A Frenzy (est. 2016), Vogue and a Latte came from a season of growth and inspiration. My vision for this space is one of creativity not only in photos but also in words, with an editorial feel – hence, Vogue. I have been collecting these magazines for as long as I can remember and whenever I feel my creativity slipping away, I head to those glossy pages for that touch of magic. My other vision is one of community; sipping lattes at the cutest coffee shops while dreaming up ideas to inspire others.

This is a real space. While I’ve thrown a preset on my photos and edited my writing, I am all about transparency and reality: what is actually going on in my life, not what I think people want to see. My goal has been to take my every day life and turn it into something that others can find inspiration from. 

V&L is a life + style blog with a mix of thoughts, style, photography, and lots of espresso. 

I am always down to collab, have a photoshoot, try a new cafe, or just chat ( I’m an open book ).
Send me a message at madison@vogueandalatte.com or DM me on Insta ( @MadisonCrowley )!




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