Welcome to Forge A Frenzy!

My name is Madison and I am a Southern California native living in Atlanta, Georgia. Working gal and economics grad from the marvelous University of Georgia (go dawgs) with a crazy passion for anything beautiful.

Forge A Frenzy is a life + style blog where you will find beautiful things, photography, life tips of all sorts, style through my eyes, guides to fabulous cities, delicious drinks, foods for dieting and foods for not, and much, much more.



A little more about our creator…

I love adjectives, palm trees, margaritas, lip colors, natural light, slow mornings, brunch, and Jesus. The color that speaks to my soul is gold. I could shop at Nordstrom all day, every day. In store or online. I live for New Years Eve because I love the idea of a fresh start and new beginnings. I’ve lost count of how many times I have seen the movie The Holiday. If you haven’t, you should. I love coffee. My coffee order is dark roast (iced or hot, depending on my mood) with soy milk and caramel syrup. Any coffee shop, anywhere. I established a crush on Nick Jonas in 2006 and it has only increased with time. Greece is at the top of my travel list and I intend to visit very soon.

My goal? Empower and inspire people to be bold.


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