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WOW. It has been way too long since I have even had a moment to spare to on my favorite pastime. My life has been up in the air and in the past month has taken so many unexpected turns. I figured I would write a post with updates since everyone has the same questions for me. First off: NO, I am not stopping blogging, I still love it just as much as ever!! New content WILL be back soon!!

I have moved back to Atlanta. This has been a surprise to some, but has been on my mind for a while. California is magical. It holds beauty and beaches and sunshine and palm trees and much more. It is a place where I grew exponentially. Where I learned about myself in ways I didn’t know that I needed to learn. And I loved it there, truly. I think that is something people have been asking me a lot about and I think people feel that I have had a negative experience. That could not be more false. I have made life long friends here. I have made memories I will never forget. And apparently gotten more cheesy. LOL. But a LOT of my heart is in Atlanta. A lot of it. I spent a lot of time in the word and in prayer and seeking guidance for the right path to take. And I know that after spending more time in California, it would begin to feel a lot more like home. But I took a good look at my heart and my thoughts and tried to get to the bottom of where I wanted to be.

Deciding to move was not easy. Knowing what my feelings were telling me, was easy. But making the actual decision was not. I had the most special job in Orange County. I got to watch a beautiful baby girl grow into a toddler and she lit up my life. I became a part of a family who are now so close to my heart. Sloane was a major reason that I was holding back from making the final decision to move. But once I received a job offer that was seriously a dream, I started noticing the doors the Lord had opened for me.

In the time span of a week, I had interviewed with, been flown to Atlanta, and accepted a position with Greenlight Financial Technologies. Greenlight is a fabulous startup located in Midtown and their product is a debit card that allows parents to teach their children how to be financially smart while monitoring their spending and access. I will be their customer retention and engagement manager, which includes social media. I am feeling super challenged by this position, but I am leaning into that challenging feeling and jumping in. I would not have left Sloane and moved back to Atlanta for just any job, that was just not an option. And the time frame that this all occurred in was mind boggling. The family that I work(ed) for was so gracious and loving and understanding as I was telling them information that would turn their world upside down. I am so thankful for their understanding and love through this time.

So, on Tuesday October 24th, almost a year to the date of my arrival in Orange County, Halleson and I (& Boston) piled into my tiny Fiat and headed back East to start a new adventure. I think this time in my life is so special and unique. When you are young and have no ties to any specific place, you have the freedom to move around and experience different locations and jobs and figure out where you are supposed to be and I am taking full advantage of that. Who knows, the West coast may be calling me back in 2 years. Or I may have found a forever home in Atlanta. Only the Lord knows!!!

Excited to see where this new adventure leads! I’m off to organize clothes, start doing work for my new job (!!!), and go to spin class later today!

‘Til next time,Autumn in November

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