Packing Essentials: Atlanta Bound

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Today I am going to be discussing the items I always include when packing and the things that are always on my to-do list before I leave on a trip.

★ Items I always make sure to have:
→ Makeup stock
I love makeup and I tend to go through my favorite products pretty fast, so I always make sure that I have all of my faves stocked up for when I travel. Nothing worse than reaching for your shape tape and realizing it’s out and you don’t have time to run to Sephora before the nights festivities.

→ Travel pack protein + meal replacement shakes
As I am slowly changing my lifestyle to reflect healthy eating habits (emphasis on slowly), replacing a few meals with healthy shakes and replenishing my body with good nutrients after a work out have become CRUCIAL parts of my day. Isagenix products are my FAVE and they come in convenient little pouches with the exact amount of powder you need to pour in your shaker bottle and go. I feel like on the go health is a consistent theme in my life… My favorite flavor is strawberry but during holiday season they have an eggnog flavor that is to DIE for. I also always have almonds or peanuts with me. If I get too hungry, I lose all self-control when it comes to eating so I like having nuts with me as a quick fix until I can get to a healthy option.

→ A physical book or have one downloaded on my iPad
I love watching movies and getting work done in airports, but sometimes it’s nice to just read a freakin’ book. I like using my kindle on my iPad when I don’t have time to go grab a physical copy of the book I want before I leave, but I really love the feeling of having an actual book in my hands. For long travel, a kindle/iPad is more efficient because you can have lots of reading material without taking up a ton of space, but for a week long trip, one book is generally enough for me! Right now I am reading Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst and it gives me chill bumps almost every chapter. She speaks right into insecurity and how Jesus wants us to feel desired and wanted. It’s a fantastic read.

→ Digestive assistance
I didn’t really know what else to call this… You guys know I have major digestive/stomach problems when it comes to eating and dairy. I am lactose intolerant and potentially intolerant to many other things that I have not yet discovered. Traveling makes this so much worse! I generally eat worse and I drink more alcohol and I am not exercising as much so all of that combined does not lend itself to great digestive health. I asked my God-sister Kelsea for advice on products to use to not experience those problems this trip and she gave me a few options and from those options I purchased a few:

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Anti-Stress Drink (wow that’s a mouthful) – Basically, this is a magnesium supplement that you can put in warm water or in a water bottle when you head out the door to increase magnesium in your body which is suuuuper helpful for good digestion. My favorite blogger, Payton Sartain of Hustle + Halcyon, wrote a whole post on magnesium that I will link here. I like this product because it is super easy to travel with and drink on the go.
▷ Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal Supplement – Charcoal is becoming a very well-known and active ingredient in a lot of drinks/foods and beauty supplies. I will admit I haven’t done THAT much research but I plan on doing a whole post on the benefits of it beyond helping with digestion. It whitens teeth, relieves bloating, removes toxins, clears your skin, I mean I could go on and on. And I will, in a separate post!

★ Always on my to-do list:
→ Make sure Boston has everything he needs
My parents are gracious enough to watch my little man while I travel, which is the HUGEST blessing. So, when I leave I always make sure he has plenty of food so he won’t run out while I am gone. Enough bones and treats, a clean bed, and a nice bath! I try to make it as easy as possible on my parents who are doing me such a favor. They really are the best.

→ Nails + Eyebrows + Waxing
I am such a girl when it comes to these things. I always have to have my nails done and I have recently been loving Sally Hanson gel products and doing my nails at home since I am trying to be more conscious of where I am spending my money. Her gel polish and top coat are really super great and I happy with how long it lasts! I also have crazy eyebrows that need major help so making sure they are threaded and shaped before I leave is a must. I also like to make sure if I wear a bathing suit that I won’t regret it, so I make an appointment with my girls at Sugared + Bronzed to ensure that I am spotless.

→ Outfit planning
As a blogger, and someone who just overall loves fashion, I like to have outfits planned in advance. Not necessarily an outfit for every day, but outfits put together so that I can reach for one in a moment of indecisiveness. For some occasions, such as gameday, I have my outfits planned in advance. Which is a huge help when it comes to the actual day and the getting ready process. I also have outfits planned to shoot with my photographer (and bestie) so that I can have content ready when I come back!

→ ClassPass classes in whichever city I am jetting off to
As I’m sure you guys are tired of hearing, I have fallen in love with spin class. It has changed my life. That being said, I don’t want to lose momentum as I am gone for so many days. I have been researching places to spin and what classes are being offered and when. I will be doing other kinds of exercise with friends like running and weights and such, but there’s nothing like a 45 minute intense workout to get ya going.

→ Check the weather
I pretty much know what Atlanta is like in August and early September, hot and humid still. But if I am going somewhere that I am not sure of the temps/forecasts I will definitely be checking the 10 day forecast! Much better safe than sorry. I always have a light rain jacket with me when I travel because you just never know.


Well there ya have it, some of the things that fill up my to-do list and my to-get list. Do you guys have different things on your lists? I would love to hear and maybe add some to my lists that I am missing!

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‘Til next time,Autumn in November

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