Friday Product Spotlight: VIIcode Oxygen Under Eye Masks

Welcome back to Forge A Frenzy, it’s Friday!! Yay! Time for the weekend!

I am coming to you this Friday with a product that will transport you to a luxurious spa and make your under eyes happy as can be.

I am talking about the VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask. Never heard of it? Let me give you some background info.

VIIcode is a company that has its origins set at the end of the 18th century. Byrne Victor, creator of the concept of “Ageless Mystery”, was passionate about how skincare has the power to transform your age and appearance. After generations had passed, Byrne Victor VII (hence, VIIcode) wanted to continue the same passion for skincare in New York city and created luxurious skincare products that were all natural and held to great standards. To read more on the family and the history of this skincare, you can click here for the whole story!

This eye mask is unique in a couple of ways. The first being that it has a gel-like consistency on the pad so that it can provide an easy, mess-free application without worrying about it falling off of your face or having to readjust the pads after slipping around. The other super awesome feature of these oxygen under eye masks is that they are meant to be worn overnight, for 8 hours! 8 hours of intense moisture for your under eyes. I don’t know about you, but my eyes do a ton of work all day. Writing posts, researching them, attending to my socials, taking photos, the list goes on and on. And I rarely thank my eyes (or under eyes) for the hard work!

2-3 times a week before climbing into bed, I reach for a packet of these VIIcode under eye masks and place the cooling gel onto my face for the night. They have a refreshing smell and really lock moisture into place.

The eye masks are made with a blend of essential vitamins, herbs, antioxidants, proteins, and peptides and fatty acids to sooth skin and prevent wrinkles. They help reduce puffiness when you wake up and leave you feeling refreshed in the morning.

Something else that is wonderful about the VIIcode website is that they have an in-depth, alphabetized ingredient library that explains all of their ingredients and even other ingredients that may not be good for you. Super helpful.

TIP: Keeping the eye masks in the fridge until you are ready to pop them on, adds to the cooling effect and the consistency of the gel!

Y’all, these eye masks are fantastic! I truly love them and think they are a great addition to my skincare regime. To find out more about them and the other products they offer, you can find them on Instagram at @viicodebeauty.

Would love to hear about your results if you use this product! You can reach out through my contact page or any of my social channels to talk about the masks or just to chat! <3 (@MadisonCrowley)

‘Til next time,Autumn in November

This post is sponsored by VIIcode and as usual, all opinions are my own.

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