Weekend Recap: OC Hikes + Beaches

Hiiiiiii everyone!

It’s Tuesday and it has truly felt like Tuesday today, that’s for dang sure. This past weekend was non-stop. It was fun & full and I pretty much ignored all adult responsibilities for the weekend. I actually hate not being productive on the weekend and getting things done but this weekend I just decided to forget my to-do list and explore!

Lorelei had some friends come into town this weekend so we wanted to do lots of fun Orange County activities. Honestly, I had to remind myself like “oh yea, I live here” for most of the weekend. I am truly blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful place.

On Friday we went to an OC SC game at the new stadium in Irvine, which was a blast! Food truck food and hanging out watching a bunch of hot guys play sports is an exceptional way to spend a Friday evening if you ask me. Lo used to intern for the team and she knew one of the guys playing for the other team so that was super fun! Basically, she spent the whole game answering my soccer questions because I really had zero knowledge before Friday. We headed home after the game because we knew that we had a big day the next day.

We went to Laguna Beach on Saturday and took the scenic route by driving down PCH so the guys could see the water and cliffs and such. Our hike relatively was short but super steep. It’s near Top of the World, which everyone should go to if they come to OC! After hiking we went to grab food and headed back to chill before the nights festivities. We went down to the Peninsula for the night and had a blast and didn’t go to sleep until about 5 AM. The best kind of nights.

Sunday we were all pretty much vegetables and laid around and napped all day (see previous statement about ignoring adult responsibilities) and finally mustered up the energy to head to Crystal Cove for the sunset. And it was SO worth it because the sunset was perfect. The sky was clear and the beach was pretty empty which was nice! We went to California Pizza Kitchen after the sunset to refuel from a long day of nothing. LOL.

I took my new camera with us all weekend so I am going to try my first attempt at editing and putting together all of the footage for my first VLOG! Fingers crossed that this goes well…

PS: None of these photos are edited, partly because I am working on this video and didn’t feel like getting into Lightroom today but mostly because it was all so dang beautiful without editing!

I’m off to continue learning how to edit video stuff and work and then spin later! I’m also doing planning for my trip to Atlanta that is coming up at the end of the month that is going to be a freaking blastttttttt. EEK so much fun stuff coming up.

Have a marvelous Tuesday <3

‘Til next time,Autumn in November



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