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Welcome back to Forge A Frenzy!

It has been so long since I have been able to actually post a fun look on the blog! I have been extremely busy, as I’m sure you all are, and shooting a look has, unfortunately, been at the bottom of the to-do list. Which SUCKS because it’s one of my favorite parts of the blog. I feel like life definitely goes in phases of being super busy and then having tons of down time… I am obviously currently in the first category. But, to be honest, it feels really good to work your butt off and see results. Whether that means my blog or my health. Results and success are so motivating.

This is my first post since becoming a part of rewardStyle!!! Y’all, that was a huge accomplishment for me. There is an application process (or you can be invited if you’re super cool) and sometimes it takes forever to get a response, mine was the next day, but it’s a nerve wracking process. I think that having on your Instagram and having rewardStyle behind you, really ups your game when it comes to blogging. Definitely a step in the right direction.

I am working on getting all of their tools integrated into my site! I will soon have a “Shop My Instagram” tab and will have a current and frequently updated wish list under my “In A Frenzy Over” tab, so that you all can see how I shop and what I look for in products. Exciting things!

When it comes to rewardStyle, brands have to be a part of the deal too. So, when I buy from places that are not yet associated with rewardStyle, I will have to link the items in different ways!

This semi-cropped, super comfy tee is from Stillwater, one of my favorite brands right now! They have items at Revolve but this specific design is not on that website. BUT, they are on sale!!!

There is a tank top version that I really want, linked here, and another version here. The exact tee is, unfortunately, not available, but the tanks are super freaking cute!! I’ve linked their website here so you can shop all of these soft tees!

I got this skirt from Stevie Sister, a cute boutique at Fashion Island in Newport, and you can shop tons of similar skirts to match with your favorite tee down below.


Just a little reminder that I really needed this morning: Satan tries to rob any joy we have. His literal purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy. Today’s verse of the day (from the YouVersion app) is John 10:10, which is a super well-known Bible verse, but for good reason. Jesus came, not only so that we could be alive and walk around earth just doing whatever, He came so that we could have life to the FULL. The fullest life. Like, the happiest and most blessed life. He doesn’t want us to live in anxiety or in sin or in turmoil. He wants us to be BLESSED. He loves us, more than we can comprehend, and He wants to do life with us. Every day, through every trial. He wants us to rely on Him and sometimes we have to come to the end of ourselves to realize that we really cannot do it alone. We weren’t created to.

So thanks again for stopping by Forge A Frenzy! I hope your day is a little bit brighter and that you have found outfit inspo or a renewed feeling of hope from Jesus. It’s almost the weekend everyone!!

‘Til next time,Autumn in November

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