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Welcome back to Forge A Frenzy, hope you’re powering through this Monday!

I am suuuuper fortunate to have a bff who is also a fab photog in ATL and we explored around the city (on this rooftop) and around Ponce City Market which is a huge multi-use space with tons of shops, eats, apartments, and trendy hipsters.

I am ALLLLL about knotting my shirts right now. Which, honestly, gives me major flashbacks to middle school and younger when you would get tshirts from one of your many extracurriculars and tie them in the back or front because it was the cool thing to do. Well, I am not complaining that this trend has come back. The front tuck is my go-to, but tying up the front/side of my graphic tee with a super cute pair of high waisted cut-offs has seriously been by summer uniform. If you’re familiar with Forge A Frenzy, this is not new news. When I have plans to go somewhere where that is not an appropriate form of attire (aka church, even though my church is super cool and laid back) I freak out and scour my closet for something not screen printed or tie-able.

I found this maxi skirt at the Wander West showroom at their sample sale in Costa Mesa. Not gonna lie, living in the LA/OC region of the world has MAJOR fashion perks. I am all about a good sample sale. (See my goods from the MATE sample sale here and here.) The brand of this maxi, Stillwater, has soooo many beautiful patterns and quality pieces. I am definitely going to be adding them to the mix of brands I love.

This shirt is from Nordstrom Rack, one of my fave places to shop on a budget and I fell in love with the color! The shape is great and it has a great cute + casual feel.

I’ve put together a collection of graphic tees/maxi skirts below that I love and you guys need!!

I am going to be recapping my ATL trip with some pics from this shoot as well as some iPhone shots to give the full impression of my trip. Super excited!!!

This weekend I unpacked a LOT of items for our house, worked out, and planned this week. Some of my favorite kinds of weekends. I am all about planning ahead. This week is full of spin class and work and catching up with friends. Next weekend will be more activities that I will be filling you in on on social media –> @MadisonCrowley.

‘Til next time,Autumn in November


*** Thought I would include this funny pic of me. Morgan captioned it: “When you’re tying your shirt in ANOTHER photo shoot.” Oh well.

Photos by Halleson White Photography.

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