Rekindling An Old Flame…?!


Hello and welcome back to Forge A Frenzy!

So, I have rekindled an old flame… I know, not highly suggested.

BUT this new spark for an old relationship isn’t the kind that has potential for horrible breakups, tears, and heartache. I mean, maybe, but it’s doubtful.

I am talking about picking up where I left off with my side hustle in college, creating fun jewelry!!
Slightly weirded out by the fact that I just said “side hustle”…????

ANYWAYS, when I was in college and working at the cutest little boutique in Athens called Encore, I fell in love with all of our handmade jewelry that was always coming into the shop. One summer, I was raising money for a mission trip to a little country in Europe called Kosovo (one of the most surreal experiences that I have ever been a part of) and needed to raise a little extra $$$ to fund my trip. I knew that I loved the jewelry at the shop, and I knew a lot about wholesale, markups, and the economics behind it from my time working at Encore + AmericasMart as well as from my Econ degree. I started simple and to my surprise, a ton of people were interested in my jewelry! I sold everything that I made and was able to make a second batch of necklaces and sell them at Encore.

Star Struck Choker – $30 \\ Double Trouble Wrap Necklace – $40

As time went on, I got busy with school, being the president of SMA, relationships (the kind that actually DO break your heart), and graduating, so I stopped making the pretty necklaces that I loved.

Well, as I have gotten into the swing of things here on the West coast (best coast, if I do say so myself), I wanted to get back to creating pretty little pieces that give an extra spark to any outfit.

Star Struck Choker – $30

I am not going to add them to my print shop, which is currently under reconstruction, because I want it to be somewhat separate from Forge A Frenzy for reasons like marketing and promoting because of how they are different and I don’t want to annoy everyone who follows me for blogging and styling purposes and not to see photos of different boho jewels all of the time.

I logged into my old jewelry account, Asher Lux, on Insta/Twitter/FB and did a little revamp and I will be posting regularly on those with new styles and such. I am planning to open an Etsy shop (wish me luck) and then just continue on with regularly scheduled posting for my blog and socials. So if you’re feeling like getting some boho inspo, go ahead and follow @AsherLux!

Star Struck Choker – $30

I will probably post some styles for sale on my Shop tab but other than that, my blog will remain strictly blogg-y for now!!

If you want to purchase any of the ones in these photos, I will list names and prices! My first round sold out fast so if you want one of these styles, let me know ASAP!!! You can DM me on my socials, comment on this post, or email me at!!!

Thanks for your support guys, its been absolutely wonderful <3

‘Til next time,Autumn in November

Starlight Choker ($30)


Double Trouble Wrap Necklace ($40)


To The Moon ($35)


Round and Round Choker ($25) \\ Coin Toss Lariat ($35)

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