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I talk a lot about my blogging journey, where I began (see my first post here) (lol) and where I am hopefully headed. Along the way, there have been and will continue to be many things that I try that lead to success and that also lead to failure.

If you search ‘how to be a successful blogger’ on Google, these things will probably pop up:
– Email lists
– Sponsored posts
– Pinterest
– Facebook Groups
– Google AdWords
– Sell your soul

While those things are all incredible tools to growing your view count and following, there is a more crucial part of blogging that sometimes I feel like people who are aspiring bloggers forget – CONTENT and PHOTOS. From what I have observed, some people are much more worried about growing their follower lists than what they actually have to offer. Sometimes content is hard. And sometimes when you actually have an incredible outfit to shoot, your friends/photographers aren’t around! While I have solved my issue of moving to a new state and not having any photogs, buying clothes every single week to photograph and show my style gets a little bit ~pricey~. Blogging is a commitment and an investment and like any other small business, you have to put a lot of time, money, and soul into the beginning stages.

But I am here to tell all you aspiring fashion/style bloggers out there a little secret I have recently discovered to help out with the whole, “I need clothes every week for posts but have -$32.01 in my bank account” dilemma.

The secret?
Clothing renting companies.

A lot of times when I would go into stores and search for an awesome outfit, I would wear it for the shoot and find myself wanting to return it because, unless it was a comfy graphic tee or jean cutoffs, I just wasn’t going to wear it super regularly. And finding statement jewelry pieces that fit perfectly with my outfit in mind but not necessarily with everything else I own, was somewhat tedious to my wallet.

IMPORTANT: I am ABSOLUTELY NOT SAYING that I do not love Nordstrom, Free People, Urban Outfitters, my favorite local boutiques. etc. Supporting businesses is CRUCIAL and I still shop on the regular. But as far as my blog goes, and getting some looks on my website that I may not wear all of the time and that don’t need a permanent place in my closet, renting my favorite styles is an awesome key to a plentiful amount of fresh looks on Forge A Frenzy. Being able to rent a stunning dress for one of the many blog events I go to or if I need a specific outfit for a collaboration is really helpful.

I recently signed up for Haute and Borrowed after my blogger girl crush, Payton Sartain of Hustle + Halcyon (y’all, she’s seriously the best) posted an Insta story (linked her Instagram here) and tagged them in it. I wandered over to their Instagram and instantly fell in love with the products they chose and with the system they have in place. They have brands like Blue Life, The Jetset Diaries, and Vanessa Mooney and all for a great monthly rate. With FREE SHIPPING and UNLIMITED EXCHANGES. Does it get any better? According to their website, they get new products in weekly so you aren’t stuck with the same options. I am sure as their popularity grows, they will gain new brands and new partnerships to bring the best to their subscribers.

Also, their shipping was FAST. I signed up and ordered on a Friday, and received my box on MONDAY. That’s insane y’all. Granted, they are based out of LA so shipping time to Georgia would have been slightly delayed, but they are fast, organized, and on top of it.

PS. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I have no partnership with Haute and Borrowed (yet, would totally love to work with them), I just genuinely love their product and think that they have a great thing going.

In my first box I got this super cute Honey Punch top (as well as 2 other clothing items and 2 accessories – coming soon) and paired it with black cutoffs, a hat, sandals, and LILY and LAURA bracelets. I have more looks coming from my first box as well!

Outfit Roundup
Top | Honey Punch from Haute and Borrowed
Shorts | Levi’s
Sandals | Similar by Sam Edelman
Hat | Similar by Stella McCartney
Bracelets | LILY and LAURA 

I wanted to shoot this outfit in a casual setting so we went to one of my favorite shops for milk tea, Snow Monster (@SnowMonsterOC) and I got honey milk tea in the lightbulb jar with a flower crown. Some may classify that as extra. I love their tea and their whole aesthetic and how they really play into visually pleasing products and how that translates to social media and then converts to sales. I am all about that. I am also really into milk tea right now. I want it all of the time. All day. Every day. (The milk they use is lactose free so it’s doesn’t conflict with my stomachs hatred of dairy.)

I hope you guys have enjoyed this fun summer outfit and my newest discovery/secret/tip about being a successful style blogger! Forge A Frenzy is still blooming and I am learning so much every day. I have another post coming up with another beautiful look from Haute and Borrowed where I am going to fill you in on my life and what is going on around Southern California.

I have a fun weekend coming up so follow along on Snapchat and Instagram – @MadisonCrowley !!!

‘Til next time,
Autumn in November

Photos by Lorelei Ritzert.

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