Dreamy Silk Tunic + How To Wear It

Happy Fri-YAY and welcome back to one of my personal favorite places to be, Forge A Frenzy!

So, just a mini recap on my life, moving across the country can take a lot out of ya. And when you find your energy after that process, normally making friends/unpacking box after box takes priority over my endless and growing blog to-do list. Now that things are settled, I have been able to finally take time to focus on what I love most, being creative and designing beautiful things.

Moving across the country from your photographer is also a huge problem!!! (But still go look at her page because she is freaking amazing – Halleson White Photography) Finding a photog in Southern California that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg who ALSO wants to follow me around and take millions of photos of me, is proving to be an uphill battle. All of that to basically explain why there have been many less outfit posts! I love styling and finding new ways to wear pieces. It brings me so much joy. But having someone to photograph it, and photograph it WELL, is half of the equation for blogging. Updates will be given on my current photographer situation and if any of you readers have suggestions, feel free to reach out!

ANYWAYS. Onto the outfit deets.

I found this dreamy piece on the sale rack (holllllaaaaaa) at Urban Outfitters and it was calling my name. I wasn’t sure how I was going to wear it, but I knew I needed it. Collared button ups are huge in my wardrobe right now, and this piece put a twist on what I normally wear. There are two other colors, black and white, that I wish I would have been able to snatch up as well. I love this top!

I have been dying to wear these Sam Edelman heels since I purchased them! Apparently I need more fancy outings. I got these from my boutique that I worked at during college in Athens, so unfortunately the exact pair is not available but I have linked a super cute similar Kate Spade pair here and another less expensive but also versatile and sexy pair here. Both from Nordstrom of course. I paired them with my favorite go-to black skinnies from Joe’s and it camouflaged the top detail of the shoe, which is kind of what I was going for. Dressing down some dressy shoes. Since the slit in the tunic went extremely high, I knew I needed my high waisted skinnies. I unbuttoned the bottom of the tunic so that it would flow as I walked and would allow me some leg room! I’ve linked an almost identical pair of black Joe’s skinnies here, since I purchased my pair in Athens!

I am a dainty jewelry girl in almost every situation. Sure, I love a good statement necklace with select outfits. But for day-to-day and elegant looks, dainty is the way to go.  I added my favorite Mod + Jo necklace and marble cuff (similar one from their website here) to this outfit with my go-to Lily + Laura bracelets and called it a day! I’m a creature of habit when it comes to jewelry.

PS. If you LOVE Mod + Jo jewelry just like I do, head on over to their website and pick out your favorites! At checkout, use the code “FRENZY15” for 15% off of your entire order. Oh happy Friday, treat yourself (; 

I added a clutch to this look because it would be a really great going out outfit that isn’t TOO fancy but also feels sexy. I’ve linked a similar (and inexpensive!!!!!) clutch here. There is always a need for a dainty black clutch.

Well, after work I am off to fun Friday night activities aka trying new restaurants and fancy drinks (one of my favorite hobbies). Follow along on Instagram & Snapchat for the shenanigans. Then tomorrow we are heading to San Clemente + Laguna Beach for shoots and exploring!

‘Til next time,
Autumn in November


ALSO shoutout to my man for kneeling in gravel to get these shots! Shamus Kenny Photography coming soon….. lol

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