1000 Steps Beach + My Exploration Uniform

Welcome back to Forge A Frenzy and happy hump day!

I have been furiously working to get my photography portion of Forge A Frenzy (@MadisonCrowleyPhotography on Insta) up and running. I have been editing like a crazy woman and finally putting all of my work into one place –> my portfolio page under the photography tab!! It is super exciting for me and I would LOVE to do a shoot for you! I have a ‘details and pricing’ info page under the photography tab as well. I love taking photos and I would be thrilled to take yours.

ANYWAYS back to the topic of this post – 1000 STEPS BEACH IN LAGUNA BEACH. Wow, when we (my little sister, Morgan, and her bff, Cleopatra) wanted to go somewhere close to explore, Laguna Beach was the first thing that came to mind. Only a 20 minute drive from Newport and generally no traffic. P.S. avoid toll roads at all costs. I had seen 1000 Steps Beach on Pinterest very frequently and was curious how to get there and how to get to the place where everyone took the famous (ish) photos.

Once you park (street parking is free) and head to 9th street, there is a small gate (we had to turn around 4 times because we kept missing it) that leads to the steps. There may not actually be 1000 steps but man it felt like it on the way back up.

We walked down all of the steps and stepped onto the beach. We looked around and it looked like any old beach so we chose a direction (left) and started walking. It turns out we headed the right direction because as we walked and took photos, we got closer to some cliffs that had somewhat of a cave entrance. See photo below.

We entered into the cave and came out into a clearing that led to a bunch of different rocks that, after you climbed up, opened up into the old pools which is partly what 1000 Steps Beach is famous for. Apparently, there was a movie shot here many years ago and the pools were created for the movie(??). Sometimes, depending on the tide, they are easier to see than others. We climbed right up the rocks and ventured to the pool and all around the area.

After about an hour and a half of adventuring and taking photos, we were starved so we headed back to the car. The general consensus was In ‘n’ Out and I will never be one to disagree with that suggestion. It was a marvelous day and I will be heading back ASAP, hopefully on a sunnier day!

I am wearing my beloved olive bomber jacket by Topman and my also beloved all-white shell toe Adidas shoes. I am wearing a classic Adidas print t-shirt, and a neutral colored hat to top it off. I call this my exploration uniform. Layers to take on and off depending on how much physical exertion is happening *cough* 1000 ACTUAL STEPS *cough* and sturdy shoes to climb rocks and such. Also a hat because sweating and good hair generally don’t mix. If you wear a hat, your hair is bound to look somewhat decent for photos! I’m also a leggings fanatic. I love these high waisted Zella live in leggings. If I am not dressing for something that needs actual pants, I am most likely in workout leggings.

For the girls looks, grab your favorite leggings, a print t-shirt, and a denim jacket/shirt to tie around your waist.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday, frenzies! My best friend Kelsie is headed to CA AS WE SPEAKKKK!!!!! And we will be headed to San Fran/Napa/Malibu/LA starting early tomorrow on snapchat! I will be recapping our trip next week but be sure to add me on Snapchat (@MadisonCrowley) to follow the day-to-day fun!

‘Till next time, xx Madison

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