Striped Sweaters + Abandoned Prisons




Happy Tuesday, beauties!

Nostalgia for Atlanta and the majority of my heart that is still there is hitting me in full force.

The weekend before I left, some friends and I visited a super cool place called the Atlanta Prison Farm and it was an adventure for sure. The prison was previously fully functioning during the early 1900’s and has since then been sitting in Atlanta gathering graffiti and urban visitors. In October 2009 the roof caught on fire and left a good portion of the decaying building burnt crisp.




I’ve had this sweater from Forever 21 for a realllly long time (it was actually my sisters) but I found a cute alternative from Nordstrom here. I just bought these shorts from Urban Outfitters a month or so ago and have scoured their website for the same ones but unfortunately had no luck, so I have linked a similar pair that are also from Urban, here. I purchased this golden necklace from my old boutique in Athens but have linked a to-die-for golden skull necklace here from a shop on Etsy. And I’ve linked my go-to black bootie from last season from Nordstrom/Sole Society here. I’ve recently just been shopping and found my new black bootie for this winter that will be up on the blog soon, I’m obsessed.






If you live in Atlanta and want to venture to this ominous place, here is a link to a website that talks about the prison farm and its location. If you go, make sure to wear shoes that you don’t mind turning black! While we were there I also snappedĀ a few photos of my best friend, her husband, and my man, on her camera as well as on mine.






Still working on our road trip itinerary for you guys and hoping that it shall make its debut by the end of this week!!! Fingers crossed. Have a fabulous week frenzies!

‘Till next time, xx


Photos by Halleson White Photography and Myself.

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