Bomber Jackets + Camo



Welcome back and welcome to fall, frenzies!

I’m gonna go ahead and say that if you told me I would be wearing a camo dress 6 months ago I would have laughed in your face. I HATED CAMO. Still not a huge fan of most of it but this subtle yet bold dress really stood out to me when I picked it up. Camo is making its way back into the fashion scene and instead of resisting it I decided to embrace it. I also wanted to do a post that highlighted my staples for fall: Olive, bomber jackets, and booties. This outfit incorporates all 3. Fall is the perfect season to combine different pieces and I love the idea of this fall jacket with a more warmer style dress. And camo is back, people.

Let’s start with the shoe of dreams.



Booties are a must have, especially this pair that comes up just above the ankle. This color is to DIE for and I will be wearing these throughout the whole season. I am obsessed. As always. I have linked these Sam Edelman booties here.




Bomber jackets are an incredible staple (in all colors) because they add completion and warmth to any outfit and are also super freakin’ trendy right now. This jacket is from Topman, which was just installed in my department at Nordy (hollllllllaaaaaa) and yea, it’s a men’s jacket, and yea, I’m rockin’ it. All women’s bombers that I have seen just had a little to much girly flare for me so I stuck with this one. I plan on buying patches to sew on and customize to make it a personalized piece. I wear this with my Adidas or with a dress or tied around my waist with a tank. So versatile and linked here.




So these necklaces I threw on added a little boho touch to this more urban look. Tbh I have no idea where I got the small ivory arrow but have linked a similar one here. The longer beaded necklace I actually made myself. I went through a small jewelry making phase and tried my hand at making necklaces. I loved it and will probably do it again every now and then, but it was incredibly time consuming. I have found a similar look here.


Now I got this dress at a cute little store in Athens called Empire South. Of course that means that they no longer have this dress online (don’t know if they ever did) BUT I have scoured the internet to find one that looks just like it. I found one extremely similar in pattern and boldness, it just has a different neckline. I have linked it here! The jacket, shoes, and jewelry would still be perfect with this neckline.


I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful peak into fall fashion through my eyes! Can’t wait to explore this season with you all.

‘Till next time, xx



OH. This lip color is divine and it’s Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Velvet. Linked here.

Photos by Halleson White Photography.

(Check out her page. She rocks.)

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