Adulting: The latest craze to hit the millennial generation.


The latest craze to hit the millennial generation.

Alright people, we’re about to get a little bit more serious here on Forge A Frenzy. While the majority of my brain is creativity and visuals and ideas, right now I’m going to take a second to break down a certain category inside my brain called adult life.

As a recent grad, the adult life (“big girl job”, buying a car, renting an apartment, paying more bills, etc. as the more boring definition) had been staring me in the face for months. I was excited to finally be done with all nighters at the SLC and dragging myself out of bed to attend 9 AM’s that I could have passed from the comfort of my own bed with laptop in hand. Friends were attending job interviews, getting offers, moving to cities, getting engaged, making all kinds of big plans, and so was I!

Graduation day came and while it was everything I hoped it would be and more (fireworks, tears with lifelong friends, nostalgia out the wazoo) let me just tell you, DO NOT wish away your college years. College is a time that is unlike any other in your life and that relatively carefree spirit and bank account do not last forever. I was lucky to have time in between my graduation and my internship start date and I was able to travel, lay out on the beach without a care in the world, margarita in hand, and soak up the last few days of a career-less life.

But right there ^. Exactly how I just phrased adult and career oriented life. That’s just it. It’s just not accurate. I think that the message I want to get across in this post is that “adulting” and responsibilities are not the absence of fun and excitement. It’s actually quite the opposite. Having a job that you attend every day definitely limits your free time, but every other friend of yours who is entering into this stage of life will be in the same exact place as you. The people you meet will yes, have different priorities than turning up on a Tuesday, but so will you. Questions will shift from “What’s your major?!?!” to “So, incredibly handsome man who looks like he has a salary, what do you do?” What do you DO. What have you chosen, out of all the things in life, to put your passion and effort towards every single day.

Different parts of life begin to become important. For me that was budgeting out my money in a super basic excel sheet that I made myself and being awake before 7 AM and actually ENJOYING it. Sunrise on a weekday… A previously foreign concept. Coworkers become family and if you have a commute, talk show radio suddenly makes sense.

Let’s be real, not being able to wear a sports bra and oversized tshirt everyday was definitely an adjustment but dressing business professional/casual eventually becomes easier and slowly changes the way that you feel about yourself. My motto has been “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” (Even though I love my job. Most days.) Your perspective will change.

While stepping into this new chapter (Yup, I went there. The rest is still unwritten, people.) I think that the key to this whole “adult life is actually fun” mantra is a work-life balance. Balancing the time you’re at work with pleasant evening walks with your pup and weekends spent on adventures with new and old friends. Making sure that you’re taking time to develop who YOU are and what makes you happy in this new phase of life that might not have before – aka a sunrise on a weekday or reading for pleasure.

Adulting Tip #1: Whatever you do, do NOT drink an entire cup of coffee just before an hour long meeting with people who have a great level of importance at your workplace.

Adulting Tip #2: Ladies, always wear a cami under your blouse. Cami’s keep everything in place.

This post simply scratched the surface on this wonderfully transitionary time in my life  and I hope you guys have enjoyed glimpse into my adulting thoughts. Don’t worry, there will be much more style and beauty to come,

‘Till next time frenzies! xx

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